District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

DG Desk Back

Dear Rotarians,

As we stand at the midpoint of this Rotary year, it is with great pride and gratitude that I reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken together. Our District is really buzzing. Each project undertaken by Rotary clubs is a shining example of the collective commitment and impact of its members. In this constellation of service, the district’s initiatives sparkle brightly, lighting up communities around us.

Friends, we have aptly named our annual Dist. Conference as “Confluence”, it is a gathering of Rotarians, creating a powerful synergy that magnifies their efforts like the convergence of stars in the night sky. As a matter of fact, District Conferences are a time to celebrate the achievements of Rotary clubs and individuals. The meticulous preparedness for the upcoming conference is a reflection of our shared commitment to excellence. The conferences typically include workshops, seminars, and keynote speakers addressing relevant topics. The educational sessions will provide Rotarians with valuable insights, skills, and knowledge that can be applied to their local and international service projects. Star gazing show will further give insight of the celestial world.

I have full confidence that “Confluence” will be a beacon of inspiration, uniting us in our common goal of making a positive impact on the community I am proud to make a special mention in the Conference special GML the outstanding contributions, service milestones. It is just to encourage a culture of excellence and motivate Rotarians to continue their impactful work.

To begin with, let me convey my sincere thanks to Rtn. Charu Shrotri Director Foundation and his team for their magnificent performance. Our Dist. Foundation team has given us a consistent and committed performance and for recording consecutive highest collection of APF for last six months I am indebted to team membership for their stupendous effort in giving District a positive growth as at December 2023. I am confident all presidents will make conscious efforts in maintaining positive growth and ensure retention by engaging members in the choicest work of theirs. Let us remember that Impact start with our members and it is these Rotarians work tirelessly and make our District buzz with activities.

It is heartening to state the big success of “Parikrama” During this car rally we implemented our own projects in other districts enrooted. Project Asmita, at Statue of unity for Advasi girls working there. Multi district RYLA, for the girls of Sainik School of Ganpat University along with RC Mehasana. We also visited Astha Dialysis Center Run by RC Manor for Adivasis Pada, Amul Dairy. My sincere gratitude to Team Parikrama for wonderful arrangements.

January is Vocational Service Month on the Rotary calendar. Business and professional life are the bedrock of Rotary, and Vocational Service is a major force in promoting honor, integrity, and trustworthiness in business. Rotary clubs in our District and District vocational Team has been doing excellent work in the last six months and now celebrating this month by honoring individuals who embody outstanding professional achievement and ethical conduct. Through these recognitions, we reaffirm our shared commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards (Rotary’s four way test) in our professional pursuits and using our skills to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of society.

Club administration committee is heart of club. The District committee has taken extraordinary efforts to make our clubs most efficient, released a new version of club admin manual which included new topics as desired by clubs. They have also provided with the List of speakers with subjects, speakers and contact numbers. The team will shortly release FAQ and thus make work of clubs simpler.

We are aware that, basic education and literacy are essential for reducing poverty, improving health, encouraging community and economic development, and promoting peace. Thus our Literacy District team has taken new initiatives, like digital training to teachers, e-learning kits, to schools, study app to school children, setting up adult literacy centers. Most of the clubs in Pune and Panvel District have forged a synergy in execution of all projects.

I am happy to note big progress in District Thrust area project of Happy Aaganwadis. Many clubs have put in place strategy to execute the projects with the support of state administration. I am confident that we shall achieve our target of 100 Happy Aganwadis in next few months.

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a good life. Clubs in our district have taken up projects to ensure better quality of life. District WASH team has signed MOU with Zilla Parishad Pune to recharge 100 bore wells to augment supply of water. The District team has also signed MOU with the state Agricultural Department and have constructed more than 1500 Vanrai Bandhares in last two months.

Rotary Youth Exchange inspires young leaders to serve as catalysts for peace and social justice in their local communities. This program is possible because of the dedication, leadership, and passion of District team and clubs in the District Rotary members, families hosting them make this unique program successful. Visiting Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. I could notice their enthusiasm in their participation in Ganesh festival Diwali and Christmas. Truly this program broadens the outlook of students, build goodwill, spread harmony and make them good ambassadors of their countries.

The New Generation Service Exchange team has ignited flame in several youth through 9 various exchange programs during the last six months involving RI Dist.3240, 3830, 4730, 4470, 4621 and 2452. The first ever Inter-State NGSE Youth Exchange organized by RID 3131 & 3240 in India got acknowledged August issue of Rotary News plus. The NGSE team has brought glory to our District by organizing First ever International New General Service exchange group exchange outside India in collaboration with RID 2452 United Arab Emirates . Data Tech Labs conducted Internship program in Artificial Intelligence, Data and cloud.

The Rotary International’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program takes a significant step towards uplifting and empowering the Devadasis community. Recognizing the challenges faced by the Devadasis, Dist. DEI team organized Diwali celebration program for Devdasis, Jagrut a 2 video making contest. This was an attempt to foster inclusivity, eliminate discrimination, and promote best opportunities for this group. The unique musical piece “De Addition Song” released by Peace building and Conflict Resolution Team resonated with the essence of harmony and unity. This innovative composition showcased the team’s dedication to fostering understanding and resolving conflicts through the universal language of music.

THE SEARCH FOR MS ROTARY ‘24 IS ON! This will happen during the conference days. The objective of Ms. Rotary is to empower and help young women achieve their dreams of becoming a beauty queen by training and developing them to their full potential through a beauty boot camp and teaching them to have authenticity on their advocacies and the heart to serve. The pageant will serve as a platform to lead these young women to a better future. In the recent past, The District Cultural Team of Rotary recently presented “Ashtamanglam” a mesmerizing sitar program, enchanting audiences with the soulful melodies of this classical Indian instrument.

Amidst the various community service activities Rotary clubs took many healthcare initiatives, indicating their commitment to welfare of community Health camps became instrumental in providing essential medical services. Dental check-ups camps, eye check-ups camps reached those who needed it the most. Blood donation camps played a pivotal role in addressing critical shortages, saving countless lives in emergencies. District 3131 has been in forefront of in providing artificial limbs to physically challenged men & women across various Rotary districts in our country.

Under the Economic Community Development Avenue of Rotary, Project, Dhaga 2.0 focuses on hanging the life of a needy person who is skilled in sewing and weaving but isn’t able to become self-reliant due to issues in social strata, lack of education, etc.. The beneficiaries are provided with sewing Machines Project Asmita, A prestigious project initiated by Rotary club of Bibvewadi has given new ray of hope to young girls through a dedicated training program. The training program places an exclusive emphasis on empowering college going daughters. Our comprehensive curriculum covers vital topics like Financial

Literacy, Mental Health, Technological Proficiency, and Self- Empowerment through Self-Defense. Participants will not only gain valuable knowledge but also receive practical resources, including informative booklets and essential safety tools such as pepper spray, multivitamin supplements, and whistles.

Rotary Believes in Sport for All. Rotary Clubs across the whole district support sporting events and tournaments and have been key to enabling an uplift in health and well-being across all ages and genders.

Our public image is built by the actions of our members, the activities we engage in and the impact our projects and we make in the community. Our Dist. PI team has played a pivotal role in projecting image of our Rotary. The social Media Statistics speaks our reach to 3.50 lakh people is evident of the fact that we are better connected with the community.

Friends, there is lot to write and acknowledge work of each avenue and I shall be happy to continue in coming issue of GML. As I close, I extend my heartfelt thanks to each Rotarian, club, and partners in service for your dedication and hard work. Together, we are creating a legacy of service that will endure for generations to come. Let us continue to shine brightly, like the stars that adorn our district, and make “Confluence” a celebration of our shared commitment to Rotary’s mission!


Yours in Service of Rotary

Rtn. Manjoo Phadke

Dist. Governor 2023-24