District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

DG Desk Back

“Celebrating five months of excellence!!”

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

It is with a sense of pride and gratitude that I reflect upon the first five months of my term as your District Governor. Time, as they say, flies, and in this brief yet eventful period, our Rotary district has witnessed inspiring projects.

My official club visits to 50+ clubs has witnessed outstanding projects undertaken by clubs across the district whether it's empowering local schools with educational resources, launching community health initiatives, or environmental sustainability.  All clubs have exemplified the true spirit of Rotary service. Each project, big or small, has left an indelible mark on the lives we touch, showcasing the collective power of Rotarians working together for a common purpose.

The commitment to Rotary's ideals has also been evident in the exceptional work carried out in support of our Foundation. Our district is leading in Zone 7 with record collection of USD 2, 60,000 in Annual fund & CSR grant of 2.86 cr. in first five months of Rotary calendar year.  I don’t have enough words to thank all generous donors.

Rotary International highlights November as Rotary foundation Month to emphasize the importance of and need of Rotarian support for the Rotary foundation. As a part of celebration of foundation,  Rotarians, Non Rotarians in our district responded positively to call given by Dist foundation team and club leaders. As a result the District could achieve the first position in Zone 7. Foundation seminar held on 25th November recognized clubs and Rotarians with the awards trophies and certificates.

I am particularly proud of the collaborative efforts that have defined these first five months. 30 clubs and Agricultural Department of state of Maharashtra have come together to construct 1147 Check Dams in Pune district and 200 check dams in Raigad dist.   Rotary is a family, and it is heartening to witness  MOU being signed with CEO of Zilla Parishad Pune to implement District thrust project of 1000 bore well recharge in 13 talukas.. The bonds we have forged, the ideas we have exchanged, and the projects we have executed demonstrate the strength of our Rotary Dist.

The Dist.Cultural Team of Rotary recently presented “Ashtamanglam” a mesmerizing sitar program, enchanting audiences with the soulful melodies of this classical Indian instrument. The performance was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation and was presented by Vidushi Mrs. Jaya Jog.

Our dist team for Peace building and Conflict Resolution released “De Addition Song," at the hands of Cine star Mr. Mohan Agashe and renowned Vocal artist Mrs. Aarti Ankalikar at a specially organized program at Muktagan School Pune. The unique musical piece resonated with the essence of harmony and unity. This innovative composition showcased the team's dedication to fostering understanding and resolving conflicts through the universal language of music.

The Rotary International's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program takes a significant step towards uplifting and empowering the Devadasi community. Recognizing the challenges faced by the Devadasis, Dist.  DEI team organized Diwali celebration program for them. This was an attempt to foster inclusivity, eliminate discrimination and promote best opportunities for this group.

Rotary dist 3131 has taken up the Green Society project in the rotary year 2023-24. The scope of the project includes creating awareness among residents of housing societies, guiding them on the technical aspects required for actual work, connecting societies to green product and service suppliers, supporting in implementation, assessing their achievements and giving awards so that they provide inspiration to others to take up green path.

Pune District Cooperative Housing Society and Apartment Federation, Ecological Society, Indian plumbing Association & Indian Green building Council (IGBC) are our partners and are helping rotary in providing expertise and assessment of housing societies.

Our District team has conducted awareness sessions in Kothrud, Talegaon and Pimpri. 350 + societies attended the program and got the guidance from experts on energy conservation, water conservation, waste management and, creation of green cover in housing societies. 

As we look back with pride the achievements of these initial five months; let us also look forward with continued enthusiasm and determination. There is much more to be done, more lives to impact, and more challenges to overcome. The journey ahead is exciting, and I am confident that with the same spirit of service that has characterized these first five months, we will continue to create hope in our communities and beyond.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rtn. Manjoo Phadke

Dist. Governor 2023-24