District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

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Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Welcome to this edition of our GML, where we embark on a journey to discover the transformative power of Rotary's service in vital community needs.

In the harmonious symphony of service, Rotary embraces a unique opportunity to preserve and sustain. As we delve into the melodies of compassion and the rhythms of community engagement, let us explore the interconnected themes of music, water, and health, weaving together our efforts to create a harmonious and healthy world.

Rotary District 3131's Cultural Team orchestrated a mesmerizing musical event, with support from 15 clubs across our vibrant district. As the melodies of Lata Mangeshkar's timeless songs filled the air, transcending linguistic barriers, they seamlessly connected souls and minds alike. Music, indeed, knows no language barriers; it speaks directly to the heart, weaving together the threads of emotions and memories.

In a distinguished black-tie event hosted by the Foundation Team of District 3131, Rotary members gathered to honor the generosity and philanthropic spirit of their fellow Rotarians. The esteemed presence of the Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair added a touch of prestige to the event, as he lauded the exemplary efforts of these Rotarians of our District. Additionally, Rtn. Bharat Pandya, Vice Chair, commended District 3131 for its remarkable contributions to the Rotary Foundation, highlighting its exemplary position as the top contributor in Zone 7. This recognition was to appreciate the dedication and passion of District 3131 Rotarians in advancing the noble mission of Rotary and making a lasting impact on humanity.

The Wine & Cheese Fellowship, a unique and delightful event, provided us with a glimpse of the camaraderie that defines Rotary. As members gathered to savor exquisite wines and gourmet cheeses, laughter and conversation flowed freely, strengthening the bonds of friendship and fellowship. The Wine & Cheese Fellowship exemplified the spirit of Rotary, where unity, friendship, and service intertwine to create a vibrant and inclusive community.

The Women's Day celebration marked a series of empowering events, recognizing the invaluable contributions of women across diverse sectors. Women across several fields from healthcare to education, media to finance, retailers to manufacturers & agriculturalists, were honored for their remarkable achievements and dedication to excellence. As we celebrated their successes, we reaffirmed our commitment to gender equality and pledged to continue supporting and uplifting women in all facets of society.

It is indeed a matter of immense pride and accomplishment for our District as I had the opportunity to be a panel member of Rotary International's 60-minute panel discussion as a way to celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day.

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Pune Baner, IIEBM for successfully vaccinating 11,705 children on Polio National Immunization Day. As we celebrate this milestone, let us reaffirm our commitment to continue our efforts until every child is protected against polio, and until the world is certified polio-free. Together, we can create a healthier, safer future for generations to come.

The Rotary Cyclathon Of Hope - Created Big Impacts in the Cycling Community. RC Chinchwad & RC Pimpri Elite conducted Rotary Cyclathon of Hope attended by more than 300 Cyclist Participants & managed by our hundred-plus rotary volunteers from all five synergy clubs.

This event was well supported by RC Talegaon Dabhade, RC Pimpri, RC Pune Camp, Rotaract Club of Ramkrishna More College, Rotaract Club of Pimpri Elite & Also By Many More Sponsors & Partners.

Many poor communities lack access to specialized healthcare facilities, including those offering chemotherapy services. RC Akurdi with the help of CSR funds of Wilo Mather established dedicated chemotherapy ward rooms at Talegaon general hospital. Now patients can receive essential treatment without having to travel long distances or face financial barriers.

As we observe Water Sanitation Month within Rotary, it's imperative to underscore the critical importance of water conservation in our communities and beyond.

In consonance with Rotary's designated month WASH, a synergy project led by RC Kurkumbh MIDC of Dist 3131 & clubs of Dist 3132 to distribute 120 incinerators and over 600 packs of sanitary pads was organized with the support of CSR funds of Glenmark Rotary clubs in taking this initiative addressed both environmental and menstrual health challenges. By deploying incinerators, the project seeks to tackle the issue of improper waste disposal, particularly for medical waste like used sanitary products. This not only promotes hygiene but also mitigates environmental pollution.

A walkathon (WALK FOR A CAUSE) for creating awareness about epilepsy surgery was organized. The participation of the youth was significant in the Walkathon.

Kudos to Rotractors of dist 3131 for successfully hosting Rotaract Zonal Institutes (RZI) 2024 at Symbiosis International University, Pune. It was a day full of valuable insights and networking.

Media and Rotary come together for a social cause. An impactful project, RCP Sahawas and 93.5 Radio FM demonstrated its commitment to serving the community by addressing pressing safety concerns and promoting a culture of responsibility among road users. By providing helmets to motorists and riders in the community, RCP Sahawas aims to mitigate the risks associated with road accidents.

As we continue to expand our outreach initiatives, we remain steadfast in our commitment to leaving no one behind. Together, we're not only making a difference in the lives of individuals, but we're also strengthening the very fabric of our communities, creating a halo of warmth and solidarity that shines ever brighter with each act of kindness.

Best Wishes,
Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Dist. Governor 2023-24