District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

"स्फुRTI Unleashed: A Triumph of Sports, Games, and Culinary Excellence at RCP Baner" Back

Senior member of RCP Baner respected Rtn. Gupte Sir introduced this fantastic concept in our club for sports. Titled “स्फुRTI”. This was held on the 26th November 2023. It was a one day event. The games were, CHESS, TABLE TENNIS, CARROM and COOKING. The venue was: The Club House of “Elite Empire” [Society of our very own Rtn. Vikram]. The added flavour to this event was the homemade lunch [potluck] made by our ANNs. All the food was prepared at home and we all enjoyed it to the fullest. 

This event had official referees for chess and carrom and also for the evaluation of the culinary competition. The chief guest for this event was Rtn. Shashank Phadke “District Director Sports Avenue" who did the opening of the event and also praised our RCPB Family for such a wonderful initiative. Hats off to respected Gupte Sir. “स्फुRTI” will remain as one of the most memorable projects in the district sports avenue [2023-24] due to our respected Gupte sir. “स्फुRTI” would continue with a competition of CRICKET [for Rotarians and Anns] in the month of December and Singing competition in the month of January 2024.