District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Trek to Andarban by Rotary 3131 October '23 Back

The Andarban trek was a relatively easy adventure suitable for beginners. It was organized by the District Sports Avenue team of Rotary 3131 on October 22nd and had 42 participants, including people of varying ages from 12 to 76, with a few non-Rotarian guests.


The journey began with a straightforward terrain, offering stunning valley views, water bodies, and refreshing spring water that felt like nature's nectar. As we progressed, the landscape evolved into rocky patches and dense forests, with humidity and heat causing some challenges.


The Andarban trek encapsulated a day's journey, much like life itself – starting with simplicity and enjoyment and gradually becoming more challenging, with ups and downs, moments of joy, and times of difficulty.


Several valuable lessons were gleaned from this experience:


  1. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is essential.
  2. Health takes precedence over everything.
  3. The group of 42, composed of individuals of various ages, functioned as one family, adjusting to circumstances, stepping out of their comfort zones, and helping each other without complaints.
  4. This trek reinforced the importance of family, extended family, and the value of collective effort over individualism.
  5. Life, like the Andarban trek, has its share of good and bad times, and the people around you play a vital role in navigating these challenges and reaching your goals.
  6. Many participants realized the power of the mind and how pushing one's limits can lead to greater achievements.


Special recognition goes to individuals like Sandeep Chakravarti, who, despite being a guest, played a crucial role in leading the group, taking care of everyone, and collecting plastic waste. Dada Pokale, in his role as co-chair of the trek, remained actively involved throughout. Mahesh Ghorpade and Prasad Mane, in their support roles, went above and beyond to assist those in need, navigating the mountainous terrain multiple times.


Notably, a 12-year-old named Natansh ran 6 km uphill to deliver ORS water to a fellow participant who had fallen ill, showcasing the spirit of unity within the group.


Despite physical discomfort and fatigue, many participants extended help to one another until the very end. The trek concluded on a positive note, leaving everyone with valuable lessons and a desire to embark on the next adventure.


Participant Feedback - Sridevi Satish. RCP Amanora

I am very happy to meet and greet new people as the part of the trek , as already said this is a unique experience to me as well ,I have never come out of the comfort zone being with unknown people Rotary is what connected me here, there were lot of ups and down in the trek, as a whole it is a learning experience, to face whatever situation you are thrown into that point of time , as the trek got a little harder I was praying for the elderly people and others to somehow get through the rough patch, there were members who really worked hard to get everyone back from the hill safely kudos to them  wishing them all good for the support thank you.


Participant Feedback - Sandeep Chakrabarti. Guest

Very enriching experience and lessons learned from the trip. Thanks to everyone. Very important aspect of journey with nature is to respect Mother Nature. During yesterday’s program we tried to be responsible trekkers by trying to remove plastic thrown everywhere. Andharvan must have been happy with that and in return ensured that we all return home safe in spite of challenges faced.