District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

New Generations Service Exchange Back
Tasks Accomplished

1.    Youth Exchange Programme: Rotary Camp Sierra de Guadarrama

Description: 3 Outbound candidates, namely, 1. Vaidehi Prashant Joshi 2. Shivani Tapadia 3. Sharayu Bhutada attended the the Youth Exchange Programme held in Madrid, Spain in July 2023 and organised by Rotary Club Majadahonda, Rotary Club Madrid Serrano, Rotary Club Sierra de Madrid, and Rotary Club Madrid Norte. The theme of the Camp was team building. 

  1. Inter-State NGSE Youth Exchange Programme: (FIRST EVER Exchange in India) 3 Participants from Nagaland State, namely, Ms Lipokmongla Lemtur, Ms Merina Chetri, and Mr T Waichang Longchar sponsored by RID 3240, Assam did a 4-week Internship in DIC'S ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL Nigdi Pradhikaran in Child Psychology, Counselling and Effective Teaching NGSE, RID 3131 got acknowledged in Rotary News Plus's August 23 Issue.

(Reference: https://rotarynewsonline.org/rotary-news-plus-august-2023/ ) 

  1. Individual Exchange: Virtual Internship in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Financial Management

Description: Mr. Shreyas Ajay Lanke successfully completed his Virtual Internship at UPcomer Capital Ventures in Calgary in August 2023. He was hosted by RID 5630, Canada. Rtn Margie G. Booyens, Chair, NGSE, RID 5630 made efforts for the successful execution of the Virtual Internship. 

  1. Group Exchange: Virtual Internship in Digital Marketing 

Description: The International New Generations Service Exchange (Group) Virtual Internship in Digital Marketing was organised by the Host District RID 3830, Philippines and the Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Manila, Philippines. The Company named YESTECH provided the internship. IPP Rtn Dr. Alexie Reyes was the Course Designer who executed the Virtual Internship module. Rtn Prof. Dr. Shilpagauri Prasad Ganpule, Director, NGSE, was the internship coordinator. The internship aimed to provide quality training to the participants for their personal growth and professional advancement. The internship was a valuable resource for them to advance their skills and to pursue a new career path. The internship had been started in September 2023 and it was concluded in November, 2023. RID 3131 sponsored 12 candidates. 

  1. Internship in a. Electronics and Instrumentation Censors and Communication Protocols for Agriculture Project

Description: Rtr. Kshitij Bhosale completed his Internship in “Electronics and Instrumentation” at TECPAR under the mentorship of Mr. Valdicir, Head of Project, TECPAR, Curitiba, Brazil. He worked under the able guidance of his mentor Prof. Dr. Douglas Renaux on the “Research Project in Censors and Communication Protocols for Agriculture Projects” in the Research and Development Department of Electronics, University of Technology of Parana, Brazil.

He was hosted by RID 4730, Brazil and was sponsored by Rotary Club of Pimpri Elite, RID 3131. PDG Rtn Jorge Franco, Rtn Henrique Carbonar, Chair, NGSE, RID 4730 and the Host family Simone and Angie Rodrigues were instrumental in making Kshitij’s stay in Brazil a lifetime experience. The members of the NGSE Team, namely, Co-Director Rtn Ravindra Bhave, Rtn Anand Suryavanshi and Rtn Irrfaan Aawate along with President Rtn Ashok Shinde, RC Pimpri Elite and IPP Rtn Ram Bhosale gave their assistance in the execution of the exchange.

Outbound Student of NGSE RID 3131 Rtr Kshitij Bhosale With District Governor Rtn Laerzio Chiesorin Jr., RID 4730 (2023-24) PDG Rtn Jorge Franco and President of RC Curitiba, Brazil, RID 4730 and President Rtn. Fabiano Reche dos Reis, Rotary Club de Curitiba

6.   Individual Exchange: Internship in Teaching English and Training in Boxing Coaching

Description: Rtr. Aamir Nagaria did his internship in Internship in Teaching English and Training in Boxing Coaching in Brazil. He was hosted by Host Club 1: Rotary Club de Jardim Guia Lopes da Laguna, RID 4470 and Host Club 2: Rotary Club de Sorocaba

Rotary District 4621, Brazil. He was in Brazil from 7th October 2023 to 4th January 2024.He was sponsored by Rotary Club of Sarasbag. 

7.      FIRST-EVER INTERNATIONAL NGSE GROUP EXCHANGE by RID 3131, India and RID 2452, United Arab Emirates

Description: New   Generations   Service   Exchange   (NGSE)   Team   of RID 3131 carried out the FIRST-EVER INTERNATIONAL NEW GENERATION SERVICE EXCHANGE:

GROUP EXCHANGE outside India from 12th October 2023 to 19th October 2023. This was indeed a signature NGSE Group Exchange that happened for the FIRST time in RID 3131 and RID 2452. Their internship entitled “Fundamental Programme in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Cloud” was conducted by The DataTech Labs. The internship curriculum was designed by Rtn Dr Amit Andre, the advisor to the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, United Arab Emirates. The orientation meet and follow-up sessions were organised by the Rotary Club of Pune Deccan Gymkhana, RID 3131.

8.   Individual Exchange: Internship in Teaching and English Literature 

Description: The Inbound candidate Ms. Larissa Santos Silva, sponsored by Rotary Club de Tres Logoos, Cidode das Aguas, RID 4470, Brazil arrived in RID 3131 on 4th January 2024. She is going to study English Literature, Communication Skills, Course in Soft Skills, Indian Culture, Basic Course in Yoga, Basic Course in Indian Dance, Basic Course in Indian Painting, Theatre Worksho. She is also going to do her internship in a Pre Primary and Secondary School. She is hosted by IPP Rtn Ram Bhosale and Rotary Club of Pimpri Elite and Rotary Club of Chinchwad-Pune.

8.    Inter State Individual Exchange: Internship in Clinical Psychology

 Description: The Inbound candidate Ms. Ansu Tasso, sponsored by Rotary Club , RID 3240, Assam arrived in RID 3131 on 5th January 2024. She is doing her internship in Clinical Psycholoy at Tapas Elder Care, Tathawade. She is sponsored by Rotary Club of Guwahati South and hosted by Rotary Club of Pune University and Rotary Club of Pune Heritage. 

9.  Individual Exchange: 

Description: The application of the Outbound Mr. MINOCHERHOMJI Huzvak Khushru has been accepted by RID 4500, Brazil. All formalities are completed and the VISA is in process. He is leaving for Brazil on 24th January, 2024. He is sponsored by Rotary Club of Pune Camp, RID 3131. 

District NGSE Team’s Upcoming Projects: 

  1. Individual Exchange of Yuga Lodha with District RID 1960, Lisbon, Portugal: Yuga’s application is accepted and she is tentatively visiting Lisbon in February/March All formalities are completed and the VISA is in process. 
  1. Individual Exchange: The Application Process of 16 Outbounds has been started.


  1. International NGSE Youth Camp: The NGSE Team, RID 3131 got a consent email from Rotary International to organise an NGSE Youth Camp. 24 South Korean participants have shown their willingness to attend the Camp. It is intended to organise the Camp in May 2023. 
  1. Individual Exchange with District RID 7020, Haiti: Rtr Dwight Herode’s application is accepted and he is coming to RID 3131 in February/March He is sponsored by Rotary Club of Petionville, RID 7020, Haiti. He is going to do his internship in Finance.