District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

"Heartfelt Gestures: Spreading Love, Gratitude, and Sweets to Our Brave Soldiers" Back

Diwali is very auspicious festival of light celebrated across all parts of India. We all ensure to spend this time with our families and friends. We celebrate these days with lots of Diwali special food (faral).

When we celebrate and enjoy, we cannot forget the great contribution and sacrifices done by our soldiers, who stay away from their families to serve the country. As a token of gratitude, we, Rotary

Club of Pune Heritage try to share our joy by sending Diwali faral packets to these soldiers placed in

Siachen and Ladakh.

This is the third consecutive year of this project. The project execution was only possible with the help of Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation (SIRF) founded in 1999 by late army veteran Yogesh Chithade and Mrs. Sumedha Chithade. 700+ boxes of faral along with the greeting cards made by students of Abhinav School were dispatched for the soldiers by speed post well before Diwali time. These packets reached the soldiers in time before Diwali time and they could celebrate this festival.

This project is very close to hearts of all our members. The entire club was charged and excited to make this project successful. Total Cost of Project was Rs. 2,50,000