District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

"Global Learning Journey: Rtr. Kshitij Bhosale's Internship Adventure in Brazil, Sponsored by Rotary Club of Pimpri Elite" Back

New Generations Service Exchange, RID 3131 

A] Internship in 1. Electronics and Instrumentation 2. Censors and Communication Protocols for Agriculture Project

Rtr. Kshitij Bhosale completed his Internship in “Electronics and Instrumentation” at TECPAR under the     mentorship of Mr. Valdicir, Head of Project, TECPAR, Curitiba, Brazil. He worked under the able guidance of his mentor Prof. Dr. Douglas Renaux on the “Research Project in Censors and Communication Protocols for Agriculture Projects” in the Research and Development Department of Electronics, University of Technology of Parana, Brazil. He was hosted by RID 4730, Canada and was sponsored by Rotary Club of Pimpri Elite. PDG Rtn Jorge Franco, Rtn Henrique Carbonar, Chair, NGSE, RID 4730 and the Host family Simone and Angie Rodrigues were instrumental in making Kshitij’s stay in Brazil a lifetime experience. The members of the NGSE Team, namely, Co-Director Rtn.  Ravindra Bhave, Rtn Anand Suryavanshi and Rtn Irrfaan Aawate along with President Rtn Ashok Shinde, RC Pimpri Elite and IPP Rtn Ram Bhosale gave their assistance in the execution of the exchange.