District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

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New Generations Service Exchange, RID 3131

Virtual Internship in Digital Marketing

The International New Generations Service Exchange (Group) Virtual Internship in Digital Marketing was organised by the Host District RID 3830, Philippines and the Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Manila, Philippines. The Company named YESTECH provided the internship. IPP Rtn Dr. Alexie Reyes was the Course Designer who executed the Virtual Internship module. Rtn Prof. Dr. Shilpagauri Prasad Ganpule, Director, NGSE, was the internship coordinator. The internship aimed to provide quality training to the participants for their personal growth and professional advancement. The internship was a valuable resource for them to advance their skills and to pursue a new career path. The internship had been started in September 2023 and it was concluded in November, 2023. RID 3131 sponsored 12 candidates. The Sponsor Clubs are Rotary Club of Chinchwad, Pune, Rotary Club of Nagar Road, Rotary Club of Pune South and Rotary Club of Pune Camp. Name of the Outbound Students: Rtr Sameer Ganpule, Mr. Yuvraj Galphade, Rtr. Hemangi Fakatkar, Rtr Anjum Ansari, Rtr. Sheetal Singh, Rtr Mamta Gautam, Rtr Roshani Pandey, Mr Ganesh Hirve, Mr Kaushal Patil, Mr. Ved Vishal Khandelwal, Mr. Miheer Mahajan, Ms. Santoshi Waghmare