District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Rotary Kund Project by RCP Wisdom Transforms Lives in Bhambharde, Providing Sustainable Water Source Back

In a remarkable endeavor aimed at improving the lives of the local community in Bhambharde, the Rotary Club of Pune Wisdom (RCP Wisdom) has successfully completed the "Happy School" project. This transformative initiative not only provides a sustainable water source but also uplifts the lives of villagers, underscoring the club's commitment to humanitarian efforts.

The Rotary Kund Project, with a total cost of 10 Lakhs, has significantly impacted the quality of life for the villagers by ensuring access to clean and sustainable water. This vital resource is fundamental to human well-being and economic development, making the project a cornerstone of positive change in Bhambharde.

Through the Rotary Kund Project, RCP Wisdom has not only quenched the thirst of the villagers but has also sowed the seeds of prosperity and well-being. The project stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in fostering sustainable development and transforming lives for the better.