District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

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The chapter has the support of DG Rtn. Manjoo Phadke, DGE Rtn. Shital Shah and DGN Rtn. Santosh


The following are the Directors of the Chapter:

  1. Rtn. Umesh Risbood - RCP Baner for the term- 2023-2025
  2. Rtn. Vishnu Mhatre RC Panvel for the term- 2023-2025
  3. Rtn. Dr. Amit Mungale RCP University for the term- 2023-2026
  4. Rtn. Vrinda Walimbe RCP Shivajinagar for the term- 2023-2026
  5. Rtn. Ketki Falak RCP Deccan Gymkhana for the term- 2023-2025
  6. Mrs. Aparna Panse Principal Bal Kalyan Sanstha for the term- 2023-2024

*Following are the officers:

1 Rtn. Anita Kaulgud RCP Deccan Gymkhana Chair for the term- 2023-2025

  1. Rtn. Dr. Alpana Vaidya RCP Sarasbaug Co-Chair for the term- 2023-2026

3 .Rtn. Sanket Saraf RCP Baner Secretary for the term- 2023-2025

  1. Rtn. Prakash Joglekar CA RCP Pashan Treasurer for the term- 2023-2025
  2. Rtn. Rita Aggarwal Director and Chair of Chapters – ASIA, RAGMHI

Rotary Action Groups (RAGs) are stand-alone organizations made up of Rotarians, their families, program participants, and alumni who are passionate about serving the community in one of Rotary’s six emphasis areas. These include advancing health, preventing disease, supplying clean water, rescuing women and children, assisting with education, and boosting regional economies. The Rotary Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives is an international network of friends and members of Rotary who are passionate about improving mental health and have experience in doing so.

Our Vision is to create and support opportunities for all to improve their mental health and wellness for healthy, happy and productive lives.

Our Mission is Break stigma, Raise awareness and Increase access to prevention and earlier treatment.

DAGMHI 3131 will help clubs assess the need in communities, establish monitoring and evaluation plans, compile global grant applications, identify international and/or cooperating partners, raise funds for a prospective global grant, incorporate government organizations and other regional and national institutions and organize awareness sessions.

The proposed membership fees are

* Rotarian -₹ 1500 /

* Organisation MH related -₹ 3500 /

* Rotractors -₹ 500/-

                For any queries and further information contact:

Rtn. Sanket Saraf – 9371018575 or Rtn. Anita Kaulgud 9422525095