District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

"वनराई बंधारे - Ripples of Transformation: The Check Dams Project Unveiling" Back

“वनराई बंधारे” or “Check Dams” Considering the water scarcity in the entire Raigad District and to increase the availability of water for agricultural purposes, RC Patalganga in association with Panvel & Khalapur Taluka Agriculture Department initiated construction of “वनराई बंधारे” or “Check Dams” on water streams, drains etc. A check dam (also called gully plug) is a small, temporary or permanent dam constructed across a drainage ditch, swale, or channel to reduce the speed of the flowing water. In addition to increasing the storage capacity which can be used for agricultural purposes by the tribal farmers to plant vegetables and pulses in the Rabi season
The reduced speed of water also gives enough time for water to infiltrate or percolate into the ground, thus increasing the ground water level in that particular area. The agriculture department have identified total 168 spots for Vanrai Bandhare (Check Dams) in Panvel & Khalapur taluka which is being done in Phase-1. The Agricultural area benefited by this 168 Bandhara would be approximately 222 hectares and approximately water storage would be 340 TMC. The Agriculture Department have identified and planned to construct total 1000 Bandhara in entire Raigad Dist in this year with help and support of Rotary Club which will be done by our club in Phase 2 in Synergy with other clubs of Raigad District.