District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Fulfilling responsibility towards Society Back

Members of Poona Downtown are actively engaged in meaningful projects with all our four interact clubs. Through their service activities, Interactors learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work. The four installed Interact clubs of RCPD, are working on various projects right from the beginning of the Rotary Year 2023-24. Sunderji Stars is RCPD’s very special Interact Club for the specially-abled children of Sunderji Institute. Under the guidance of Director, Rtn Masarrat Tavawalla, Teacher-Coordinator, Vinamrata and others, this Interact Club has become a very active and lively club. Say NO to plastic, making of paper bags and Cyber security presentation MIND WHAT YOU DO ONLINE, by Ms Charu Mathur, Founder Director of Socrates Foundation were projects taken up with the especially abled children, with great enthusiasm. Tree plantation drives were undertaken by the Interact club of Kasturba Gandhi School and Dr.Erin Nagarvala Schools, Pune. Traffic drive for clean air and safe roads was another project done by the Interactors of Dr. Erin Nagarvala School. The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others.