District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Rotary Club Panvel Mahanagar Embarks on a Flag Exchange Journey Across Northeast India Back

Past President Rtn. Mukund Choudhari, along with his wife Rtn. Sunita Choudhari and other members of Rotary Club Panvel Mahanagar, embarked on an unforgettable journey to the northeastern part of India. Their mode of exploration? A thrilling car rally that not only allowed them to discover the scenic beauty of the region but also to forge new friendships with fellow Rotarians.

During their expedition, the team engaged in a unique tradition within Rotary circles - the exchange of flags. This symbolic gesture of friendship and camaraderie was conducted with several districts and Rotary clubs in Northeast India. The flags of Rotary Club of Gangtok, Rotary Club of Kalimpong, Rotary Club of Tezpur, Rotary Club of Dimapur, Rotary Club of Silchar, Rotary Club of Karimganj, Rotary Club of Agartala and Rotary Club of Guwahati now proudly adorn the walls of RC Panvel Mahanagar, serving as a reminder of the bonds formed during their journey.

The car rally not only provided an opportunity for cultural exchange but also highlighted the spirit of adventure and exploration that Rotary embodies. It was a memorable experience for all involved, showcasing the unity and goodwill that Rotary clubs foster across geographical boundaries.