District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Volleyball Tournament by District Sports Team Back

In my role as the District Director for Sports, I’ve always believed that engaging in social sports activities has a liberating effect on minds, fostering connections and serving as a stress buster. This year, District 3131’s sports team focused on involving distant rotary clubs, particularly in rural areas, aiming to provide sheer pleasure through sports.


The North East side of District 3131 was chosen for this out-of-city event, where, for the first time, Kabaddi and Volleyball tournaments were proposed. The Rotary Club of Alephata Central took the lead as the host club, with the Rotary Club of Manchar as the co-host. On September 24, 2023, these clubs came together for an enjoyable sports day at Smt RBD Vidyalay, Alephata.


The Kabaddi and Passing Ball-Volleyball events commenced at 4 pm after Bhumi Pooja, an inaugural session, and a show match between RC Rajgurunagar and the district sports team. Six teams participated in the volleyball event, providing entertainment in the league matches and intense competition in the semi-finals and finals.


The Rotary Club of Rajgurunagar emerged as the winners, with the Rotary Club of Manchar securing the runner-up position. The district team, consisting of Director Shashank, Co-director Satyajit, Chairman Sudhir, Volleyball Event Co-chair Nitin, and Trekking Co-chair Chandrashekhar, not only attended but actively participated, serving as motivation for other participants.


The action-packed Volleyball event lasted four hours, concluding with celebrations featuring delicious food. The meticulous planning by District 3131’s sports team, along with the precise execution by the host club, Rotary Club of Alephata Central, and their effective awareness drive, was evident throughout the event, contributing to increased awareness of Rotary in the villages.


This strategic move is expected to aid in membership growth in the future, as evidenced by the 55-60 total footfall, which included a few elite non-Rotarian villagers. The successful experiment of conducting events away from city limits to foster assimilation among distant clubs and enhance PR for Rotary encourages the continuation of such initiatives. District 3131 warmly welcomes clubs interested in hosting sports-related activities for the betterment of Rotary and the sheer pleasure of enjoying sports.

 -Rtn Satyajit Nigade

District Co-Director of Sports