District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

“Harmony”- A Unique Initiative on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution by RC Poona West Back

On 6 th October Rotary Club of Poona West conducted a very unique project of bringing children of Ukraine school and Pune school to interact with each other. This initiative was known as “Harmony”. The students of Kaveri group of schools, Prajnanabodini English Medium School and Sambir School Ukraine interacted with each other. This was a cross boarder initiative, with a country under war situation to create peace building and conflict resolution. Students of both the countries planned and executed presentation of their school through PowerPoint presentations & videos, presentations on the following topics -

About their School, City, Culture, School activities/ projects, Sports, Extracurricular activities, Urban-Rural connect etc. 

The Sambir city council Ms. Oksana, District Director PBCR, RID3131 Dr. Prashant Khankhoje and RC Poona West President Rtn. Vipin Ghate were present during the interaction. PP Rtn. Kalyani Gokhale took the lead to coordinate this initiative through her connects in Ukraine. A heartfelt thanks to our dear friend Tetyana (Tanya) Hrynkevych, the senior English teacher from Sambir school, Ukraine for participation and sharing a glimpse in their school, understanding their culture, academics , school schedule and individual interests of students.

The interaction ended with a beautiful Ukrainian song about flower. The idea was to embark on a journey to bridge the gaps between cultures and contexts. The hour-long online meeting was filled with warmth, curiosity, and the joy of making new friends. Students from both the countries exchanged beautiful videos, learning about each other’s schools and cities, emphasizing that we are all part of one global family. In addition to it we encountered brilliant Q&A session very well moderated by Rtn. Dr. Madhuri Ghate  

This sentiment echoes the essence of our interaction. It’s not just about connecting faces on a screen; it’s about forging lasting friendships, understanding each other’s worlds, and appreciating rich cultures that make our world so diverse and beautiful. This event marks the beginning of an ongoing project, where the seeds of understanding planted today will blossom into lifelong friendships tomorrow. Let us continue this journey together, nurturing empathy, compassion, and unity among our future leaders. This is not just a one-off event; it marks the beginning of a meaningful journey. By connecting students from Sambir and Pune, under Rotary’s Peace Building & Conflict Resolution Avenue, we aim to continue this enriching experience. Together, we are breaking barriers, bridging cultures, and nurturing friendships that will last a lifetime and create peace.