District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Visit to Interact School ZP Primary School Bahuli , Laptop Donation by RCP Deccan Gymkhana Back
On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, the President of the Rotary Club of Pune
Deccan Gymkhana, Members and the First Gentleman Rtn Vishwas Phadke undertook a visit
to ZP Bahuli School, leaving an indelible mark of goodwill and support. The visit was marked
by the hoisting of the national flag and a vibrant display of cultural activities performed by
the enthusiastic students of classes 1st to 7th.
The day commenced with the dignified flag hoisting ceremony led by the Gram panchayat
Sarpanch of Bahuli . The national anthem echoed through the school premises, fostering a
sense of patriotism among the students and staff.
The students of ZP Bahuli School showcased their talents through a series of captivating
performances, including traditional dances like 'Path Antya,' soulful bhajans, and various
cultural presentations. The vibrant display of cultural diversity left an enduring impact on all
The presence of esteemed guests added to the significance of the event. Notable attendees
included Gram Sevika Mam, the Post Master Mam, the Sarpanch of Bahuli, the People of
Bahuli, the Principal of the school, and dedicated teachers.
During the program, the RCP DG President ,First Gemtlemen Rtn Vishwas Phadke
demonstrated the Rotary Club's commitment to education by donating two laptops to the
school. These technological resources are aimed at enhancing the learning experience for
both students and teachers.
Additionally, the First Gentleman contributed a monetary gift of ₹5,000 to support the
school's various activities. This gesture aims to facilitate the school's endeavours and create
a positive impact on the overall educational environment.
The beneficiaries of this generous initiative include 100 students from classes 1st to 7th, five
dedicated teachers, and the entire school community. The collaborative effort of the Rotary
Club, school staff, and local leaders ensures a holistic approach to community development.
The contributions made during this visit are expected to leave a lasting impact on the
educational landscape of ZP Bahuli School, fostering a conducive environment for learning
and growth.