District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Rotary Club of Pune Laxmi Road's RYLA Project: Railway Demonstration Captivates Venkateshwara High School Students Back

Rotary Club of Pune Laxmi Road organized a one-day RYLA at Venkateshwara High School Pune on January 10, 2024. The event showcased the working model of the Railway, sponsored by Rotary Club of Pune Laxmi Road.

A total of 1200 students from the Primary and Secondary sections of the school actively participated in the event. Mr. Suhas Dixit, a passionate individual about Railways, curated and presented a live commentary on the working model, providing a historical perspective on various railway models in India.

The Railway unit, set up in the school auditorium, received strong support from School Principal Mrs. Madhura Thombare, Supervisor Mrs. Neha Mahajan, and their team. They efficiently organized batches of students, ensuring the smooth and hassle-free running of the demonstration.

Students exhibited great enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, engaging in a Q & A session for every batch. Mr. Suhas Dixit enthusiastically answered numerous questions from the students, adding to the educational experience. The Project Cost was around Rs. 18,000/-

Special thanks to Rtn. Dr. Pushpa Ghalsasi Ma’am and Dir Youth Rtn. Ketan Shah for their instrumental role in organizing the event. The presence of Club President Rtn. Ajay Chougule, IPP Rtn. Hemant Shirguppi Sir, IT person Rtn. Kaustubh Gondhalekar, and PP Rtn. Pushpa Ghalsasi Madam added to the success of the RYLA project.