District Governor - Rtn. Manjoo Phadke
Editor - Rtn. Madhur Dolare

Mobile-Addiction Prevention Back

Rotary Club Pune Kothrud conducted a unique project in coordination with Reflection Foundation on

“Mobile-Addiction Prevention”, for students in the age group of 12-18 years of (i) Chandrakant Darode School on 17th Oct 2023 and (ii) Shishuvihar School on 25th Oct 2023. RCPK recognized that excessive usage of Mobile Phone and Gaming are threatening the lives of the students. It is challenging for the parents to break this bad habit of their children. Making the children realize this threat by themselves, greatly helps in de-addicting. Reflection Foundation conducted interesting and interactive sessions though games and role plays, which ensured students active participation. These sessions made the students evaluate how much time they spent on the mobile phone every day and how to avoid such excessive harmful exposure. These sessions were an eye opener for the students, as they realized that the threat is real and they promised to reduce their time on the mobile phones.

Rtn. Vandana Dandekar, PP Rtn. Vija Raikar of RCPK, actively participated in these sessions.